September 7, 2008

89% of Security Breaches Unreported

According to this article by Matt Flynn.
August 23, 2008

PA Consulting….shame on you!!!

Another 80,000 records gone.
August 23, 2008

When will we have default opt-in for marketing purposes?

We seem to be getting a bit closer thanks to these findings from Germany… The need for default opt in is described in more detail in […]
August 18, 2008

A nice simplification of the ‘laws of identity’

– People using computers should be in control of giving out information about themselves, just as they are in the physical world. – The minimum information […]
August 17, 2008

3,254 data elements stored per week on each UK citizen…

Here’s a nice article in The Telegraph.
June 24, 2008

Got a low opinion of direct marketers?

Well it should get worse now….
April 24, 2008

How many UK data breaches in 6 months?

100 apparently….., of course that’s just the known and reported ones!!!
February 18, 2008

…No worse than usual

According the Information Commissioners Office the recent rash of data breaches is no worse than usual. I’d agree with that, there has been no massive cultural […]
January 16, 2008

Top 10 Data Breaches in 2007

Here a nice link for posterity. I wonder who will be first in 2008? It won’t be too long before we find out I suspect.