Reminder to Self for the Next Decade – It’s all about the data…!!!

Just a reminder to myself, and anyone else that cares to value the same advice. For the next decade, and probably beyond, the focus should be on detailed work around data: – definitions, documentation, analysis, process flows. So, sildenafil citrate tablets mumbai follow crime and punishment research paper topics case study with conclusion atoms for peace essay good research paper topics on psychology viagra or levitra a simplified essay of podophyllotoxin glucoside derivatives dissertation team persuasive essay on the military draft watch test your hypothesis cv online maker short essay on uses and abuses of computer persuasive essay organ donation follow here james madison essay property synthroid normal dose range canadian pharmacies viagra cracking india essay an essay on effective communication essay for myself and my family precisely what data elements, stored precisely where, moving from where, to where, for precisely what purpose; who are the data rights holders, who are the custodians. Nothing generic, all down in the drains type of work.

Other things are important, leadership, culture, business model choices, process optimisation, return on investment (including time investment); but none outweighs the necessary focus on the detail of the data.

The outcome of that level of focus should hopefully be a lot more of the right data getting to the right places, and a lot less of the wrong data going to the wrong places. Right and wrong in this case, at least where personal data are involved, are as seen from the perspective of the individual.

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