“The Personalisation of Today is Like Lipstick on a Pig….”

I just love that quote from James Gardner of LloydsTSB, who goes on to say…

‘No, the only way to get to markets of one is if customers make the products themselves. This is where the “mash up” I spoke of my in my last post comes in. Customers, who are able throw together bits of offers in unique ways, and then share them with other like minded customers, are the way things will eventually pan out. These are crowds at the centre of the financial services value chain, which will be highly distributed, highly chaotic, but not subject to the system risks of a centralised banking system.’

Spot on i’d say, and that’s where we’re looking to get to with Mydex – allowing the individual to genuinely be the point of integration for the personal data, and the processes/ applications/ mashups that engage with it. I don’t think banking will be the first to engage, but it will probably be a fast follower.


  1. William says:

    I remember Dave Waltho saying this in, er, 2003 or so? Who said it first then?

  2. Iain says:

    Let’s give the award to Dave then. Where is he now anyway – we could do with his help fixing government data flows…..?