Contrasting Problems…

I would not even attempt to keep up with the wonderful job the Open Rights Group is doing of providing running commentary on Discgate.

But I would like to compare and contrast the 3 main privacy ‘scandals’ of the last few weeks in order to show the need to manage the problem at both overall level, and at specific component level.

To do so i’ve completed a ‘remote’ Trust Index assessment of Facebook, Sky TV and HMRC.; remote = that which I can assume or glean from outside the organisation.

The three scores are shown below:



Sky TV (UK)

Sky TV



As we see, this exercise shows that the organisations that organisations may score broadly the same on The Trust Index – but have significantly differing dynamics within that score.

Beyond that, we should not that scores below 50% on the index are poor anyway. Unless organisations are scoring a minimum on 75% on the index then they are not trying hard enough and are allowing other business factors to override their respect for the personal data of their customers .

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