Hard Re-set Required for Direct Marketing to Re-invent Itself

(Cross post from Right Side Up) As a buyer of far too many computing gadgets over the years, I’ve become very familiar with the term ‘hard re-set’. This is typically used to describe a situation in which a system has got its inner workings so tied up in knots that the only way to fix […]

UK Foreign and Commonweath Office Found in Breach of the Data Protection Act

I think this is a good illustration that much of the problem around privacy/ data protection/ trust is down to organisations not taking the issue seriously enough. There is no question of the FCO not being aware of the act, its implications, and it has plenty resource to throw at getting things right. Not good […]

12 Components of Trust – In relation to personal data

Over on the Project VRM mailing list there is a developing discussion around the different variants of ‘trust’ that relate to CRM or its VRM counter-point. From that discussion it’s clear that this is a complex area with people coming from multiple different perspectives. To try to help that debate along, here’s a view from […]